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QB Quandry- McNair, Smith, McNabb or draft pick

Posted on: January 18, 2008 3:57 pm

The ravens QB situation is obviously, well ... bad.  Steve McNair looked like he doubled his age right before the bengals game and was a turnover machine when he played the rest of the season.  I really like steve mcnair a lot, but if he doesnt show DRASTIC improvement in his control, awareness (he was always getting stripped) and health, the ravens are going to have to cut him because he has a big salary.

Smith- I cant say Im sold on troy smith but I was getting there. I wish the season was three games longer so I could get a real look at him, or rather, so Ozzie could get a real look at him before the draft.  I would love it if he turned out to be the guy.  He has a rocket arm and is incredibly mobile.  Everyone knows his knocks, his height and his accuracy.  Too bad we didn't snag garrett, he really could have developped him.  Maybe if we get Marty as coach, cam cameron can work with him.

Donovan McNabb- In December it was rumored and reported that the eagles might trade donovan mcnabb in the offseason.  There were four teams interessted, the ravens, falcons, vikings and bears.  Since the ravens were the only non conference team, they had the advantage.  It looks like this is a pipe dream now anyways since mcnabb played out of his mind the last month and the eagles would be insane to trade him, unless the ravens gave up their high first round draft pick.

Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm.  The ravens are too low at number eight to have a realistic chance at Ryan.  There are a few mock drafts that have him falling that far because they have the falcons taking darren mcfadden, but i dont see that happening.  Another alternative is that the ravens are allegedly interessted in trading up to get ryan.  Since the falcons draft at three, that means wed have to move up six or seven spots, thats a high price.  I would LOVE for us to get Ryan.  He has all the tangibles and played in a talented conference and still won a lot.  Brohm, Im not AS sure about but still seems like he is an NFL Caliber talent.  He just seems less of a sure thing than Ryan.

All that being said, I REALLY hope Ozzie and Eric DeCosta figure this out sooner rather than later.  One thing is for certain, the answer is not kyle boller.


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QB Quandry- McNair, Smith, McNabb or draft pick

Yes, I think Joe Flacco is the way to go, 3 years in the league 3 trips to the playoffs and one of the winningest QBs to start out his career. He will only get better.....just wish they would open up the offense more, the o-line must do a better job pass blocking.

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 6:57 pm

QB Quandry- McNair, Smith, McNabb or draft pick

I think maybe I will take Joe Flacco. Isnt it strange how we were all sure the team was pretty much dead in the water when this post was started? Boller has sold his home in MD, McNair has retired and Troy Smith is now our backup. Hey things are looking up in Mob Town!

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Posted on: January 18, 2008 8:27 pm

QB Quandry- McNair, Smith, McNabb or draft pick

nice post/blog nap...   Troy should be fine though but agree it would have been better for all not just 3 games to get a look at him... either way 3 games or a season will not decide the future of Troy with the Baltimore Ravens ...

Time will be needed ,not the same amount of time as Kyle boller but a couple years to see what kind of pro he makes...

As of today the Ravens hired john Harbarugh from the Eagles as head coach ,and he should be hiring the Qb coach of also the Eagles as our oc coach which is a win situation i think for the Ravens and Troy Smith...

we'll see ,but agree either way Kyle Boller isn't the answer unless he learns gangbusters with all this new O / TEAM thinking which seems to be coming which again is doubful for older players to grasp fast in general...


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